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Friday, December 24, 2010


So Nithy, you ran away leaving your Ashramites, gurukul children and devotees in a lurch. Did you realize what effect it had on them? You were supposed to be an AVATARA PURUSHA and a PURNA AVATARA in the mould of Lord Krishna.The whole Ashram vacated save a few perplexed foreigners who later left for Kumbh Mela. Your Ashrams were assaulted in Bidadi, Tamil Nadu and Hyderabad. Did you care? You were only worried about your safety, security and avoiding arrest.

You drove away in a convoy of three cars. Ford Endeavour, Innova and a Toyota Qualis. Bhaktananda was driving you in the Endeavour. Your brother Nithyeshwar and Gopika in the Innova and Atma Prabha and another lady in the Qualis. More importantly, the cars were loaded with 10 suitcases. What were you carrying with you Nithy? Cash and Gold of course. We can only guess that you were also carrying some incriminating evidence you wished to hide or destroy. Frantically the convoy drove through rural Tamil Nadu and crossed in to Andhra. A little good sense prevailed on you and sent back the the Innova and the Qualis while shifting some suitcases to your Endevour. Atma Prabha was needed here in Chennai to do some fire fighting to file cases in the court to stop visual media with the help of Mr Ramanathan, father of Ma Bhaktika. He was also needed here to file some false cases against Dharmananda to checkmate him. Alas, your poor secretary  could not do much. Aiyya at that time could not be deployed in Tamil Nadu for the fear of being lynched by the mobs. Now we will get back to your flight.

Driving frantically Bhakta and you reached Hyderabad Airport. You quickly changed in to pants and a shirt and wore a panama type cap to conceal your identity. Leaving your car in the Airport parking lot, you and Bhakta took a flight to Delhi. From Delhi you took a flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. Meanwhile Nithy you were caught on a camera by a close software devotee of Hyderabad and this is a treasured photograph perhaps in the possession of Dharmananda. After things cool down you could use it in your holocaust museum. What kind of people behave like the way you did? Tell us Nithy, don’t you owe us an answer. We all considered you as God at your instance. Did you not give us Abhaya like how Lord Krishna gave Arjuna. You just ran away like a criminal leaving us high and dry. What were you fearing Nithy? After all you were enjoying sex and it is not a crime. Why were you feeling so guilty? Now we will go back to Bangalore to see what your damage control managers Sachitananda and Sadananda (Aiyya) were doing.

Everyone vacated the Ashram to stay in the city for the next 15 days. The existing core team consisting of website department and English content department were working from the city shifting venues to counter the adverse media publicity. P.R.O (Sevananda) and Sachit were attending to the legal work, Aiyya remote controlling Atma Prabha, who was damage controlling Chennai all under direct instructions from Nithy. All three, especially Sachit and Aiyya are answerable to the misdeeds committed at this time by way of hiding/ destruction of evidence and spreading disinformation about Dharma and video expose. Some important persons like an influential doctor from L.A and an independent researcher from U.S were sent by Nithy to boost the morale of the team and influence the Govt. 

The savvy spin master Sachitananda was at his best with his white lies. He spun a great story of a Christian conspiracy having roped in Ranjitha who in turn roped in Dharmananda(Lenin Kurappan). The budget set aside by the Church was supposed to be Rs 200.00 crores . An advance of Rs20.00 crores was paid as advance shared by both and that Ranjitha was a lady of loose character and that both were christians. Crucial evidence like Non Disclosure Agreements (confidential), sensitive recordings, archives etc were either hidden or destroyed. The P.R.O, Aiyya and his Brahmachary driver and Sachitananda were at their best shifting suitcases, files etc. Both Sachitananda and Ma Sachitananda were constantly on the phone spreading disinformation and lying about the expose to keep the devotee group intact. You, Sachit and Ma Sachit, we don’t expect you to tell the truth after all you were trained by the Fraud and master liar. The police will, I am sure testify to the fact that you never spoke the truth.

During the first week of your expose you called all your near and dear devotees, Acharyas, organizers and admitted that the video was true and that you had a relation ship with only Rangitha and no body else. Are you going to deny this? Or do you need the testimony of all your Acharyas and Organisers. This is one reason almost all have left you.They did not believe you. Now you are cursing and abusing them. The Doctor from L.A., seemed to be a man with lot of contacts. He along with a local sincere devotee (a tall person normally seen in the Ashram) were working over time meeting the C.M., Home Minister, top police officials and other important people in the Govt. The Doctor and the researcher flew to Delhi to arrange a meeting of the sant (Hindu swami’s) community with Nithy. Nithy, can you deny this? Even if you deny, the Swami’s will not and this is on record. 

Now what is it that the sant (Hindu swami’s) community and other well wishers suggested. They advised, “Nithy! You are a young man. Don’t be so impatient and immature. You have made a mistake and please have the courage to admit it. This is not a legal issue as long as Ranjitha does not complain, but it is a moral issue of great importance involving a Swami. There is a remedy available in the Hindu Dharma. Do prayaschita (repentance), penance and Tapas. For this, please relocate to any place in the Himalayas for atleast a couple of years meditate, improve your understanding and maturity and come back to take charge of your Ashram” An interim arrangement to maintain your Ashram was also thought of. You agreed to all of this just because you needed their support at that time. You had no intention of implementing their advice. You just fooled them. Your subsequent actions say so. The Swami’s will attest to it even if you deny. 

The Doctor returned to Bangalore and seemed a bit disappointed because he had seen a Non Disclosure Agreement and started getting doubts about Nithy’s intentions and integrity. It’s a known fact that on the day he was returning to U.S he called you and bluntly asked if there was one woman or more women. You admitted saying many women. You also continued shamelessly and said it was like Kalpataru. They came with a desire and you fulfilled. Its well known that he turned against you after this. The closure of L.A and other Temples is testimony to this. But you the Avatara Purusha started a tirade. You called up hundreds in U.S to tell them that the Doctor was trying to usurp your property in L.A. What a shame Nithy. Do you have a conscience? How can you sleep peacefully. The local devotee also moved away seeing your N.D.A’s. You started a campaign to malign him calling hundreds of devotees that he wanted to knock away your Bidadi property. Shame on you.

During the course of this one month almost all your donors appealed and requested you to return their properties, temples and cash which they donated thinking that you were a Avatara Purusha. Now they felt cheated and betrayed by your lustful behavior like any ordinary mortal. Did you not claim that below your Manipuraga chakra you have no Chakras and hence you were above lust? Did you not claim that you were in SAHAJA SAMADI for the last seven years and hence you can not do any meditation or any yoga? Did you not give DEVI DARSHAN wearing a sari? These are the factors that influenced the people to donate their properties, temples and cash.You agreed to return and refund their properties and now you are going back on your word. Why Nithy? You are a Parmahamsa why are you so attached to all these worldly things. Don’t you think that you need to address these issues. You are a just a greedy man out to amass wealth and indulging in lustful activities. 

By now the police caught up with you and pulled you out of your hole in Solan District, Himachal Pradesh on 21St April,2010. Nithy! Had you heeded to the advice of the Sant community and the elders, perhaps there would not have been any complaint against you. Had it not been for your vindictive attitude going after Dharmananda and other probable witnesses you would not have been in this predicament today. Your hurry to come back and take charge , your rampant lies and claiming that the Video was morphed and digitally altered was like rubbing salt on the wounds of scores of your victims. Remember Nithy, to speak the truth you don't need any brains. You need cunning to lie because you need to cover up your previous lies. Stop trying to abuse the legal system trying to squash the F.I.R and the chargesheet. Address the moral issue.


  1. It is very dangerous to allow Nithyananda to take charge of infants and small school children.Already these children are saying they don´t want to leave Gurukul.Brainwashing is already done and is in full swing.When they reach 18 they all become cult members.The Government authorities should take this seriously and keep watch.We are seeing even intellectual adults behaving like cult members.This should be brought to the government´s notice.Thanks.

  2. This bastardanand should be hanged till death

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