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Friday, December 24, 2010


Dear Nithy,

I was a close ex-member of your mission, thoroughly  brainwashed and not realizing that your organization was a cult. I am out of it now thanks to Dharmananda and the truth subsequently  revealed. Let me summarise the events from 19th Feb 2010 when your SAMADHI (during an N.S.P) started.

Aiyya and Bhaktananda suddenly returned from the U.S. on 20th Feb 2010. Aiyya cut short his trip and Bhakta returned with in 4 days. And suddenly Ma Sachit (Ragini) then incharge for Hyderabad  Ashram also came to Banglore in a rush. Many Ashramites and residents were wondering why? By then, you Nithy started the drama of Samadi. The residents and even the security guards were perplexed. The guards were also heard asking “What Samadi is this, Nithy is going out late night and also returning at odd hours?” The Ashramites and residents were fooled, only the inner circle coterie and partners of Nithy knew the truth about the video, for they were constantly trying to contact Dharmananda who was in hiding out of fear. There seems to be sufficient proof of this by way of phone calls and audio recordings with Dharma. 

After a week  Sachit  who was managing the show in the Ashram started spinning stories saying that Nithy is now out of Samadi and that he was resting in a resort as he needed a much deserved break having worked non-stop for 7 years. You Nithy, during this time  you were in a resort in Kerala very much in touch with Ranjita and making a deal with her in case of the expose. All this, you were doing while trying to desperately contact Dharmananda  and settle with him. Everything is on record. 

And how can we forget that you instructed Palaniappan (Sevananda) to lodge a false complaint with Bidadi police station that he was receiving blackmail calls from Dharma on his mobile phone. This brainwashed fool did the same on 28th Feb and back dated the complaint. Nithy and his First Circle cult managers did not know that precisely at this time the whole police team of Ramnagaram and Bidadi were watching the C.D already couriered to them by an anonymous victim. 

Is this how an Enlightened master handles situations with awareness??? Sorry to say, Dharmananda handled the situation with better awareness. 

Recall!!!  Nithy you returned on the night of 1st March and assembled everybody at 10.30 PM at the Temple. You gave an emotional speech leaving everybody surprised. Apologizing to every one and promising not to physically hit any Brahmachary or Ashramites. Gave liberty to all Brahmacharies to spend their time as they like. Many were in tears at your pleadings. On the morning of 2nd March you were supposed to address a meeting at 9.30 AM. You never did. Postponed the same to 12.30 PM. You never did. Cancelled the same and never showed your face again. YOU RAN AWAY. 

Then the expose on the evening of 2nd March 2010. So much for an Enlightened Master to leave his flock and run away like a common criminal. What kind of Leadership quality is this? Can you answer this Nithy? Do you agree that the fundamental  principles of Spirituality is Truth and Ahimsa. Have you ever introspected if you ever lived by these principles??? Don’t you think that you owe an answer to all your devotees? Some of them have given up careers to join you. Most have devoted 75% of their time for your Mission ……

To be continued for events after the expose…

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