If you have any experience or information concerning Nithyananda, his practices, beliefs, organizations and exercise of authority, please share it through comments. If you would like to be contacted, please provide your email address, it will be kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

About This Blog

This blog has been created in the interest of public safety and to create public awareness about cults, cult leaders and cultic organizations, specifically the cult of Nithyananda. It is intended to provide the public with various accurate and truthful information concerning Nithyananda, his practices, beliefs, organizations and exercise of authority that is available, including but not limited to the factual testimonials and opinions of ex-followers, and to nurture open and informed discussions regarding Nithyananda, his practices, beliefs, activities and his organizations.

Currently, there are innumerable websites, blogs, videos, testimonials, etc. supporting Nithyananda, that are available online and in other media. Many of these are publicity and propaganda created by Nithyananda and what I believe are his brainwashed followers, which only present one side, the coercive side, of the story. But there is a large number of people whose experiences bring out the other side of the story, the side of deceit, abuse of authority, exploitation, waste and abuse which is largely unheard. Hence, this blog is dedicated to bringing out that side (the exposure of which Nithyananda and his cult want to suppress).

Slander and/or mudslinging is prohibited. Although many ex-followers feel very emotional about the issues discussed in this blog, those who post on this blog must use civil language while sharing your experiences.In addition, those who post comments, opinions and/or statements on this blog should to the maximum extent possible provide the authentic, factual basis for those comments, statements and/or opinions. this would truly help the readers to arrive at their own conclusions and make informed decisions about Nithyananda and his cult as well as better support reasoned debate and interaction.

I welcome members of Nithyananda cult to engage in productive discussions to correct any misrepresentations... but only on the basis of convincing evidence supporting your statements.