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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aarthi Rao responds to Nithyananda's Latest Allegations

     It is known that Swami Nithyananda, the self styled godman is facing criminal charges of Rape in CC No. 204/2010, in which Aarthi Rao is a victim and key witness. In retaliation Nithyananda has filed several criminal cases against Aarthi Rao and the whistle blower Lenin, through his blind followers. In the criminal rape case Nithyananda has to undergo required medical exam, for which he had received eight summons from Karnataka CB CID and finally a court order from Ramanagar court. However Nithyananda has cleverly evaded all demands for his medical tests, while claiming to be like a 6-year old child, incapable of sex. But in the meantime he is trying to confuse the public and humiliate & intimidate the victim Aarthi Rao through several tactics. 

Most recently, Nithyananda has published some documents, claiming them to be Aarthi Rao’s medical records from USA. Nithyananda alleges that the documents prove that Aarthi suffers from Sexually Transmitted Diseases while a test proves Nithyananda doesn’t suffer from the same disease, and therefore Nithyananda is innocent! Nithyananda’s lies and fraudulent manipulation is exposed once again if the documents are examined closely.

Fake Court Order Exposed – No Basis for Medical Record: 

Nithyananda claims to have obtained Aarthi’s medical records from USA through a court order in Michigan, USA. Here are some basic facts about medical records in USA:

·         Aarthi Rao’s Medical Report in the USA would be subject to very strict confidentiality laws of USA. 

·         Hence, as per US laws, no one can obtain it without her consent. Not even her husband can get it without her consent.

·         Even when it is demanded through a court order, US laws require that she must be informed about such a petition (about releasing her medical records). 

This is the legal procedure followed very strictly in the USA. Let us look at the so-called court order Nithyananda obtained, which he claims was used to get Aarthi’s medical records.

1.       No defendant: The court notice shows that there is no defendant named (i.e. Aarthi Rao), and the opposite party has not been informed. 
·         As per the instructions on the same document, incomplete form is not valid.
·         Aarthi Rao  never received any summon for a petition by Nithyananda regarding  her medical records. (her contact information is already available with Ann Arbour police) 

2.       No judge signature: The court order is NOT signed by the Judge!

3.       Incorrect court seal: The hearing is claimed to have taken place in Washtenaw County Trial court and signed by the Trial Court judge. But the seal in the “Subpoena” is from Michigan Supreme Court!

4.       No legal basis for USA court order: Nithyananda’s petition claims it was in connection with a complaint filed by Aarthi with Ann Arbor police. 

Aarthi Rao’s complaint with Ann Arbor police is only for life threat. Police has NO NEED for her Medical Records to Investigate a life threat complaint.

There are several such serious questions about the so-called court order, which is clearly fake, therefore the medical records cannot be authentic. This once again brings out the cunning mischief of Nithyanada and his henchmen, who will face the consequences for this! Aarthi’s lawyer has issued defamation notices and will take further action for such unethical and illegal actions of Nithyananda and his group.

Nithyananda’s Bogus Medical Test Exposed:

Now coming to  Nithyananda’s one-page Medical Test report, he claims this 1 page report proves his sexual history of celibacy. But there are several questions arising from the following critical observations, clearly pointing out the lack of authenticity of his test result. 

1.       Whose blood sample was actually tested? Basic identification details are missing or wrong on the test report!
Name (Nithyanandji Swami) doesn’t match legal name (Sri Nithyananda Swami in passport)
date of birth shown (02-09-1978) doesn’t match legal date of birth (13-03-1977 in passport) or even his publicized DOB 1-1-1978!
No address provided
No father’s name provided 

2.  Why no Hospital Stamp or Seal on the report?
3.  Report shows ONLY Herpes result. Why no test results for  other 8-9 Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
4.   Test taken only on September 2012. Where is the complete medical history from 2004 – 2012? What about Nithyananda’s tests and treatments for STDs in 2004-2012.

Many more questions are to be answered by Nithyananda re. the authenticity of the so-called medical reports of Nithyananda and Aarthi Rao. But the single most important question whether Nithyananda is innocent cannot be answered by medical reports of Aarthi Rao or any other victim. It can only be established conclusively by Nithyananda proving that he is impotent and therefore incapable of the sexual acts alleged.

 The above was received in a message from Aarthi Rao, requesting us to post her response to Nithyananda's allegations, for the benefit of our readers.

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  1. Lord! digging into Nithy's case is life digging into a snakes hole...more you dig, deeper it goes and who knows what dangers people may get into. My sincere prayer to god is that this man should be subjected to such torture that no human has ever gone through. Not because he has done wrong things, coz, in god's name, he does such atrocities on other fellow humans who are only seeking spiritual guidance. Looting them off of their dignity and wealth.

    My wish for his punishment is a shocking device on his junk. Every time it gets excited it should get shocked to hell. I am sure he will know what kala bhairava can unleash with a few volts of electricity. Fucking rascal, says he is kala bhairava.... I am sure shiva is watching him and he thinks it would be a waste of his energy to open his third eye and burn him down, so he is giving strength to people like Arathi rao and Lenin Kuruppa to fight with all their might.

    Please keep up your spirits arathi, lenin and others in this fight...we all are with you, in spirit and in prayer. We wish you all the very best. Get the mother fucker, get him bad. May shiva help u on your quest.

    Jai Shambho Shankara.